Albin Siggesson Interview



Please tell us a little about yourself and your photography journey?

It’s fair to say that I’m somehow a clichè,  a small town-boy who fled from inferiority and judgemental mentalities. You can’t be different because then you’re odd, weird. It’s common to hold back the best version of yourself. My great goal for this year is to host a solo-exhibition with mix-media prints, paintings and knife-sharp photos. I’m a Swedish man who lives in Oslo, Norway by the way.

What, and who influence your aesthetics in photography?

I’m heavily influenced by memories. Sudden movements by people in public, well-written words and stories. Sundays in bed with someone that wants to be near me. Short, beautiful sequencens of life itself. Helmut, Lindbergh, Karl Anton Björkman to mention a few heroes of mine.

How has social media affected art and you imagery?

Both positive and negatively. There’s plenty of short traveled inspiration to reach. I must say that I’m sometimes - not always - think about what “people would like to see” when it comes to selection of photos for my social medias. When caught, I hate myself for a bit and then move on.

How did you get your start as a photographer?

My fantasy’s off track. It’s beyond wild. Things have to come out in some way. Instead of telling people made up stories, obscure jokes about nothing(it becomes a burden after a while) I have to tell something, push something out of my chest and head. I painted at first. Found silence in that. The result didn’t match my need and satisfaction so I thought “How hard could it be?” and bought a camera. I instantly fell in love. Two years and close to two-hundred shoots, busy weekends and lonely editing sessions later and I feel that there’s nothing else in this life that I want to do. My beloved pause from life.

How do you pick your subjects?

I prefer models who desire to be a part of history or something unique. With an artistic view. Insecure souls are challenging.

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